Friday, November 30, 2007

doc appt, 11/30/2007 7 pm -- Still pregnant, induction 12/5/2007 6pm

Well, he's STILL IN THERE. ;)

Saw the ultrasound specialist again. Or rather, a nurse there. First she did the ultrasound. And he's still head down, which is good. ;) I forgot to ask, but I gather my amniotic fluid is still good. [Phew! Thank God.]

So, there's this mortality curve that is pretty high during the beginning of the pregnancy... then gets much lower to almost 100% chance of survival through like 30 weeks thru 42 weeks. Then after 42 weeks, it drops off DRASTICALLY. Hence, why doctor's worry about babies running late, and why they are willing to induce labor in order to tackle that scenario.

Which is why I'm having a doctor's appointment every 2 days now, LOL. And why, if I hit 42 weeks, that's when he's getting evicted. Here that, kiddo? Better pack it up in there. ;)

So, they then recorded his heart beat for a while. Then the nurse came in, took this rattling device, checked that it rattled, and then pressed it to my stomach and rattled it. I had a moment of apprehension before she pressed it to my stomach, not realizing it was just a noise-maker, and that it wasn't, say, going to give me an electric shock, LOL!

Basically, it's a pre-natal alarm clock. After using it, Logan was INDEED awake, LOL! And they recorded his awake heartbeat for a while. :)

So he's doing well. God is watching out for him. :)

Afterwards, I went to the hospital to re-pre-register, LOL. It's been almost a month since I originally pre-registered, so... All they said they needed was my new insurance card. My company, just for grins, is changing my insurance as of 12/1/2007. Just to spice things up and make me worry about what's still going to be covered, LOL. :)

Anyway, the hospital now has copies of the new insurance card. And assuming I don't go into labor before midnight tonight, it will be the CORRECT insurance card. ;)

Then went through McD's. Scarfed food. Went grocery shopping. Felt my left hip REALLY bugging me. Shuffled back to the car. Declined help in getting stuff to the car: if putting all this stuff into the trunk starts labor, it will be a GOOD THING, LOL! Except for all the frozen food that would thaw and melt while my hubby rushed me to the hospital, LOL.

Drove home. Hubby helped me unload. Put crap away. Dragged trash cans back in. Put laundry into the dryer. Took shower to get doctors-office/hospital germs off me. [OCD, OCD, OCD!!!!] Then crawled into bed and slept from about 2:30pm to 6pm, LOL.

While I was sleeping, hubby's best friend from childhood came over, and they played Guitar Hero. They are still at it. ;) I'm really glad hubby has this time off, and kinda glad therefore that Logan is running late. Hubby has seriously needed this. It's not the same as being able to run off to Vegas and have a REAL vacation, but still.

Oh, and hubby's best friend was able to come over and play XBox as he got laid off over a month ago. Yuck. Hoping he can get a job soon, but that at least he's also enjoying his mini-vacation as well. ;)

I kindof liken being laid off as getting that summer vacation we all miss from childhood, LOL. It's a little hard to think of it as that when you're in the middle of it, and scared about finding the next job. If you can treat it as a summer vacation with a little assigned summer reading, it will help you be fresh for the next job. The summer reading is writing your resume, sending it out to a few new companies every day, then enjoying the rest of the day, LOL. :)

Yesterday, did a little nesting. Had my niece and her 4 week-old son over. Got to hold him... that was REALLY cool. :) And hubby's best friend came over and played XBox too. ;) Can't remember what else happened... all fuzzy. Days are sorta running together.

So, that's what's happening. Doing some grocery-hoarding in preparation, like a squirrel stuffing more nuts into my tree. ;) Doing some nesting. Still have yet more nesting I could do. Weeeeee.

And of course sleeping, eating, peeing... basically, other than the nesting/preparation/doc appointments, living the life of a baby, LOL! Soon that will change.

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