Monday, November 26, 2007

Weee.... running late in your pregnancy is fun!

Last night (Sunday) I ran out of steam and took a nap from 5pm to 7pm. Got up, then had one of those nesting spurts. Ellie's crate top is now doubling as the baby's changing station, and the basinet is now also on my side of the bed. The baby diaper genie thing is setup. Weeee! Progress.

Still want to clean and place a bookcase on my side of the bedroom. The baby diaper genie and the trash can need to be on the top shelf. When you have German Shepherds, or any other LARGE dog, it's a good idea to put the trash cans high up out of doggie nose range.

That is, unless you like having things like bloody tampons and snot-filled crumpled kleenex's spread around the floor, vigorously chewed on. ;)

Got to midnight, and remembered I hadn't taken my prenatal meds yet. Ick. Have to be upright for at least a half hour after taking them. So, took them, then sat up.

Had an ObGyn appointment in the morning. Wanted hubby to come with me, as he's taking time off his job right now anyway. Otherwise, he wasn't going to get to see her (ObGyn) until the birth.

Told hubby I'd be in bed in a little bit. Then he came out of the bedroom a few minutes later, with stomach cramps. Poor guy was NOT feeling well. He sat up with me, played Guitar Hero, ran to the bathroom a few times. Then we both headed for bed by 1am-ish.

Of course, my pregger heartburn kicked in. And my sinuses kept closing up or bleeding due to the pregnancy and lack of moisture in the air. And yet, the post-nasal drip was in fine form, threatening to go down the wrong pipe and make me cough. Oh, and I was also a little stressed about waking up early enough to make it to the ObGyhn. Short story, barely slept all night long.

At around 5:30am, I got up to pee, and read a little. It was almost 6am. Realized if I tried to go back to sleep then, I wouldn't be able to get up by 7am to make it to the ObGyn. [Wanted to leave with breakfast having been eaten, dogs fed, fingers pricked... and wanted to have left the house by 8:30am-ish to make sure I made it in time to do the lovely peeing in a cup thing.] So gave up and go up, checked email, let dogs out, fed dogs, pricked fingers, fed me, checked more email, waiting 1 hour, pricked fingers, hit the shower, and left on time but dead tired. Left hubby in bed. He was wiped out from his food poisoning. Told him I had fed and watered the dogs. Got a mumbled response in the affirmative.

Made it before 9am for my 9:15am appointment with my ObGyn. Due to the long 4 day weekend, she was backed up with phone calls and other emergencies. So they got me into the exam room sometime around 10:40am. Yikes! Sat there, with no pants, and one of those flimsy paper-lap-covers to maintain my modesty. 10:45am... the nurse comes in. My ObGyn had to run to the hospital to supervise a C-section. She should be back in "15 minutes". I look at the nurse like she's on drugs... 15 minutes? Nah... 30 minimum to run over there, scrub up, get into smock etc., do the job, take all that stuff off, talk to the patient, and run back. Probably more like 45 minutes.

I kept thinking I should pee again while I had the chance, but was afraid of being in the bathroom when my ObGyn came back! I knew she was going to be horribly late all day, and didn't want to contribute to that, for her sake and the sake of the rest of her patients. Was given the chance to see a nurse practitioner instead, but considering I was running 5 days late on the due date, felt like I should talk to the doctor directly.

I asked the nurse to hand me my cell phone, and texted my husband about the delay. Didn't want to wake him, but if he was up, didn't want him worrying.

At 11:35am he called me as he was worrying and hadn't seen the text message, so was glad I'd asked the nurse to hand me the cell.

Sometime around 11:40am my ObGyn was back! Over the course of the hour I had sat there, I had figured out exactly how much out of synch my watch, my cell phone, and the clock on the exam room phone were. And I had discovered that, when you are pregnant and running on somewhere between 2 and 4 hours sleep, you CAN become mesmerized watching a clock slowly change. "Oh, wow... the minute changed again."

I would have just laid back on the exam table, but pregger heartburn doesn't do horizontal real well. And I was having it pretty badly that morning.

ObGyn was very apologetic when she got back. I was just very happy to finally see her, LOL! [And thinking that I maybe need to find a slightly less popular ObGyn, LOL!]

So, she found the baby's heart beat. Still good. And then she looked under the hood. And discovered I was 1 centimeter dilated. Could be tonight, could be a week from now. Water not broken.

Let me tell you something about having your cervix checked for dilation. If it's not dilated, no big deal. If it is, the person checking it is going to stick their finger (or more fingers) in it to guestimate how dilated you are.

I wasn't expecting the finger IN the cervix. Kindof like the Spanish Inquisition. Or at least, I wasn't expecting what it would feel like.

When she put that finger in there, I levitated off the exam table! If she wanted me to move to the left, or right, or to start revealing national secrets, I would have been all over it. I felt like a cow with a nose ring being led around! :) And I yiped.

It didn't exactly hurt that bad or anything... it was just REALLY unexpected, LOL! She held my hand with her free hand while she finished poking around. I didn't really need that, but I think in part it was so she could keep me from squirming away from her hand while she kept poking and prodding, LOL!

So, she told me the news. 1 centimeter. Water not broken. Today, tomorrow, a week from now. That everything was ok. I had told her about not sleeping well the night before, and that I had had heartburn. And that I had also had bad heartburn while sitting in the waiting room and exam room. Ick. Didn't think to bring Tums with me, and no-one in the office had any... normally don't get the heartburn in the AM.

My ObGyn told me that, if I felt like I was miserable enough, we could induce tonight!!!

I was SO tired. I way more wanted to sleep than to have the baby tonight, LOL! "Nope, not miserable enough yet." :) Anyway, still want to give the kid a chance to make it out in his own time.

I asked my husband when I got home if he thought he was miserable enough, LOL! I mean, this was affecting him too, although not on such a personally physical level. He said he was fine, it was up to me. :)

I have 3 doctors appointments with the dude with the sophisticated ultrasound equipment: Wednesday, Friday, and next Monday Dec 3rd. Basically to make sure that the kid still has enough amniotic fluid, and is doing ok while cooking extra long. And another appointment with my ObGyn next Monday, December 3rd. If the kid hasn't come out by then, induction will be the evening of December 3rd.

Hear that, kid? You have a deadline!!! :)

So, crawled out of there. Per ObGyn, picked up some Zantac for the heartburn. Forgot to get some Ocean nasal drops... apparently the drops work better than the spray for lubricating dry pregger noses, and I think what I have at home is the spray. Picked up a few more items. Drove through McD's. Drove home. Felt sorta... violated... LOL. Took shower. Then reheated McD's, ate lunch. Pricked fingers. Crawled into bed at 2:30pm-ish. Turned off phone. Husband fielded phone calls, and woke me up at 6pm. We went out to dinner with his parents at Outback. Had a terrible time trying to wake up, LOL! But finally did. Dinner was very nice. :)

And now, we're back home. And yes, I'm STILL PREGNANT, LOL!

Discovered this afternoon that husband hadn't really registered that I'd fed the dogs. When he crawled out of bed at 11:30am, the dogs were pushing their bowls around, and convinced him they were wasting away. Guess what, dogs? No dinner for you tonight, LOL!!! Little sneaks. ;)

Tomorrow I intend to sleep late, then do some nesting. Maybe, if I have energy, will try to tackle the thank you notes FINALLY. I am majorly overdue on those, and I don't know how much I'll feel up to doing them after Logan arrives. But definitely need to finish unpacking the last few items for Logan's room, and put some bedding away.

Anyway, if Logan doesn't arrive on his own, he should be here sometime around December 3rd or 4th. Weeeee..... :)

Oh, I forgot! Guys, thanks for your encouragement in your comments on my prior post. :) You guys rock. :)

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