Saturday, August 05, 2006


Well, I finished (and posted) the last chapters of Darth Sentinel almost a month ago. I have been making minor edits to my offline copy, in hopes of posting it to later on.

I have also been working some on the sequel, tentatively known as Darth Sentinel Two, for lack of a better name. On Darth Sentinel One, I posted chapter 1 after having already written 10 chapters. Am not sure if I'm going to be patient enough to do that this time, and I suspect I'll be wanting to post chapter 1 after I'm only done with chapter 3!

My friend, Kenya, seems to be able to write her stories effectively that way... so what the heck. I may write myself into a corner that way...

My husband knows a couple of writers. With his help, I talked to both of them, getting all the writing information I could get. All the how-to web pages, books to read, etc. And from their recommendation, I am now attending a writers group every Saturday morning, and I intend to take a class this Fall at Adult Ed.

Today, Saturday, was the 2nd time I've attended the writers group. I was supposed to read Chapter One of Darth Sentinel (with recent edits) to them, but I chickened out. :P

Then someone read something that made my little love story between Mr. Tall, Dark and Asthmatic and my heroine seem not quite so strange. I then let the instructor know that I thought I'd be able to read my story out loud, if I was the last to read. I don't think that he heard me correctly, because I was never given the chance to read before the end of class, and he then let me know he expected me to read next class session!

Oops. I guess I should speak louder! :)

So I spent the entire rest of the session waiting for my chance, and having big, reptilian butterflies bouncing around my stomach the entire time! Now I realize I'm so jonesing to read that I think I'll be able to do it next weekend!

The chapters and/or short stories the others read were all very interesting. We have quite the diverse group. I'd like to tell you what they are writing, but am not sure that that's like telling about new patent ideas someone is working on, prior to the patent being approved! I.E., I don't really want to mess with anyone's story ideas and their chances of publishing them by my letting their secret plot be known.

Let's just say that it's very interesting. :)

In the meanwhile, maybe I should create the Darth Sentinel Two blog... I want to eventually use for these stories, but... I already have warm fuzzies with blogger. ;)