Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Had doc visit. Still pregnant, 11/28/2007 7pm; induction Dec 5th 6pm if necessary

Had a 9am appointment with the specialist with the cool extra expensive ultrasound equipment. His nurse checked to ensure the amniotic fluid levels were good (they were), that he was still head down (he is), and then hooked up a heart monitor.

I got to lean back and rest in this recliner-like chair while wearing this monitor over my belly, listening to his heart beat.

Other than a few times when he squirmed and the monitor therefore lost his heart beat, his recorded heart beat was strong and steady. He's doing really well, thank God, in spite of being cooked an extra week, LOL!

I had only fallen asleep sometime after 4:30am, so after the appointment, I crawled back to my car, drove through McD's, ate breakfast on the drive home, hopped back into the shower*, then crawled back into bed at 10:30am. I slept until 4:30pm! "When the sun sets, the Vampire rises from the crypt", LOL!

* My OCD was firing, and the idea that my wet, clean hair had been up against the recliner-like chair that other women's hair had been up against, and that I'd had that goop on my stomach, was too much. The warm 2nd shower felt so good, anyway. :)

It's 7pm. Trying to decide if I'm going to go into more nesting tonight or not. The recliner at home is rather comfortable, LOL!

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