Thursday, November 29, 2007

Lost mucus plug. Still pregnant, 11/29/2007 3am; induction Dec 5th 6pm if necessary.

About 3 hours ago, I lost my mucus plug. The mucus plug is something that sits in the opening of the cervix. Some women actually lose and rebuild their mucus plugs early during their pregnancy... i.e., they can lose it for a bit, but then they replace it. It's not critical to, say, keeping the water from being broken. It's just an extra cog in the wheel of all the weird things that are pregnancy.

I don't think this means delivery is imminent, LOL! But certainly that things are moving forward. Progressing.

So what does a mucus plug look like, you ask?

Ok, you're not asking, you're actually shuddering in fear that I'll tell you. Skip the blue text below if you don't want to know. Else, read the blue for an entirely TMI (too-much-information) moment:

It looked like novelty snot. Like what you might buy at a practical jokes/magic store.

No, I'm not kidding.

It was white-ish, yellow-ish, clear-ish and looked a little stringy, and acted like it might have some tensile strength to it. Like, if I flipped it against a wall, the entire thing would stick. And if I then tried to pull it loose by just one end, it would slowly peel off and would stay in one piece.

Didn't try it. Not into flinging intimate bodily fluids/substances at my walls. And didn't take any pictures, unlike the time much earlier this year where I felt inspired to take a picture of my puke on the lawn after a food poisoning incident. ;)

Ok, you're safe now. :)

I guess I should hurry up and do some extreme nesting tomorrow morning. Maybe Logan is indeed choosing to come out on the original predicted delivery date of 11/29/2007. He definitely turned his nose up at the corrected delivery date of 11/21/2007...

Well, I thought 11/29 was cooler, anyway. 2 prime numbers. :) So's the year, if you omit the "20" part. Else... sigh... 2007 is divisible by 9. :P

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