Saturday, December 01, 2007

Still preggers 12/1/2007 7am, plus Vader PEZ Dispensers

My friend Radioactive Jam found the scavenger item I suggested, a Darth Vader PEZ Dispenser. I honestly wasn't sure one existed, but I figured if Snoopy PEZ dispensers existed (they do... I own one... uhm... somewhere around here... guess I should post a picture), then surely a Vader PEZ dispenser also exists. ;)

I'm embarrassed to say that I only just realized he'd found my suggested item. I.E., he found it almost a week ago, but thanks to this whole pregnancy thing, I've been rather oblivious, LOL!

I'm currently up right now, having risen a little after 4:30am after a bout of pregger heartburn, followed by the ever-present pregger need-to-pee, followed also then by the need to have several sneezing fits in an attempt to clear my sinuses of all the phlegm that my pregger body likes to accumulate when I sleep.

Basically, I'm a sneezing, peeing, burning monster, but thankfully I have chocolate (in the form of miniature Reesus Peanut Butter Cups), so I haven't killed anyone yet. ;)

People keep telling me that it's all going to be ok, that Logan will arrive soon. Although there are many aspects of pregnancy that I'm really done experiencing, I realize I'm not actually in any extreme hurry to end this whole thing. I've enjoyed the extra time to rest and nest and prepare. I don't want to over-bake the kid, but I haven't been in a hurry to rush to the hospital and do the deed.

And a part of me -- a very small, weird part -- will actually miss being pregnant. It's a truly bizarre but amazing experience.

This does NOT mean I'm already ready to start working on kid #2, LOL! Once I get my body back, it will probably take alot to talk me into doing this a 2nd time. ;)

So, did have some signs last night that the kid is thinking of packing up his stuff and exiting prior to the eviction date of December 5th. I wasn't feeling so hot yesterday evening... or rather, I was feeling pretty cold. Having the heater on, the fire going, and blankets didn't seem to help right away. And I sorta felt like I was having cramps, but mostly I just felt really tired, and like my tummy was in solid-basketball-mode. Lay down for a bit, got warmed up, then managed to get back up to go out and continue seeing the PS3 demo hubby's friend was giving us. :)

I think I must have overdone things yesterday morning, with the doc appointment and then the grocery shopping, and insisting on not having help with putting the groceries in the car. [But then, bringing on labor from dropping 24-packs of water into the trunk would NOT be a bad thing at this point.] Am feeling much better at the moment. Maybe I should go lift some more 24-packs. ;)

So the PS3 demo: got to see a ton of hubby's friend's games. Included were:

  • Heavenly Sword

  • Warhawk

  • Ratchet and Clank

  • Folklore

  • MotorStorm

  • Resistance: Fall of Man

  • Assassins Creed

I'm not sure which one floats my boat best. They were all VERY VERY PRETTY. :) Resistance felt a bit like Halo 3. Warhawk felt like Halo 3 online, LOL! You definitely use alot of the same skills.

I do know I'm still totally jonesing for Grand Theft Auto 4 when it comes out. We don't own a PS3 yet, but it will be out for the XBox 360, so that's ok. But then again, some of the games in the above list were nifty enough to warrant the purchase of a PS3, so... Heh. Maybe our old PS2 can go into the baby's room for playing DVDs and my old Spyro 2 game. ;)

Of course, hubby's friend has already been heavily exposed at our house to Guitar Hero for the XBox 360. ;) Not sure if hubby's friend has seen Halo 3 yet for the XBox 360, although he's played 1 and 2. Hubby wants to borrow 1 and 2 to play the back-story, since he's already finished Halo 3. Well, almost: he finished Halo 3 in normal mode, and now has been fighting it in Legendary mode. But he's lost a bit of his impetus, thanks in part to the purchase of Guitar Hero, and the fact that he's "Flooded out" right now, LOL. [If you play Halo 3, you know what I mean by being Flooded out. ;) ]

I've played a little Halo 3, mostly alongside hubby, and mostly trying to be the reason hubby can re-spawn. If you play in 2 player mode, as long as one of you is alive, you can continue the round w/o restarting from the last checkpoint. When one person dies, if the other is still alive, the dead person re-spawns and play can continue. This assumes the other person is any good at staying alive... I'm not, LOL!

I've also enjoyed Guitar Hero... and would be playing MORE of it, if I hadn't lost feeling in my right hand's fingers thanks to being pregnant. Strumming the guitar just isn't really comfortable. I'm just glad I can still type reasonably well in spite of it. [At least I'm no longer retaining water in my right ankle... pregnancy side-effects are SO weird.]

My hands both feel sore and tight when I try to close them into fists. Freaking weird.

Yeah, ok. I'm ready for the kid to be born, LOL!

The left hip feeling like it's rubbing bone-against-bone... I could deal with that. I miss walking the dogs, and hobbling around gets a little old, but whatever. Water retention... in only my right ankle? Weird, but could cope. I could mostly deal with my sinuses going from their normal crappy state to the uber-crappy pregnant state. The heartburn... mostly controllable with Zantac and/or Tums and some swearing, so... cool. The peeing when there's barely any pee to pee ("Why does it say 'paper jam' when there is no paper jam?!?"), ok, can deal with that. The kid running laps in my belly... ok, sure. The kid trying to feng shui my organs around... rather uncomfortable, but he doesn't do it ALL the time. Being required to drink a TON of water in spite of the fact that I have a bladder being squished by this kid down to the size of a... hmmm... PEZ dispenser... ok, sure. Seeing doctor's more times in a year than I can shake a stick at: ok, whatever. [The Phlebotomy and Endocrinology departments in one clinic have insisted I bring the kid around after he's born!!!] The back hurting if I try to do dishes... sure, whatever, no biggy.

But my hands cramping up? Losing feeling in most of my fingers of my right hand? Ok, I'm done here, LOL!

Phew. Well, it's almost 7:00 am. My nose has shut up. I think the heart burn is finally done with me. And it's about time to pee again, LOL. Maybe I can pee and then go back to sleep. :)

Good night all.

Oh, forgot. Hubby's friend thinks I'll go into labor on Sunday. I've had several different labor-date predictions from online and real-life friends. Not holding my breath, LOL! But then, hubby's friend has made other "predictions" before that have been correct.

Hubby's friend doesn't have ESP or anything... he's just really good at seeing where things are going, LOL!

So maybe he's right, and I'd better crank the nesting into high-gear today (Saturday) as this might be the last day of pregnancy, LOL!

... but think I'll do that AFTER some more sleep. ;)


Radioactive Jam said...

I gotta say - there's no way could I survive being pregnant. Although the opportunity to say my kid was "trying to feng shui my organs around" would help.

Hope you're done!

Sith Snoopy said...

RAJ, you would be surprised what you could do. :)

If you were female, you could do it. And anyway, once you're pregnant, you kindof don't have any choice but to just grit your teeth and bear it, LOL. And hopefully laugh during the whole ironic process.

I'm chicken-shit scared of doing new scary stuff. But with the help of my husband and awesome scuba instructors, I earned my cards for Open Water, Advanced, and Nitrox. I've been down to 109 feet below the surface of the ocean. I've sat in a semi-circle at 60 feet underwater and watched reef sharks be fed from a chum bucket.

My best stroke is STILL the dog paddle. I tried to surf, but never learned how to stand on the board, LOL. I ride it in like it's a big boogie board. :) Took my husband and his best friend forever just to get me out into the ocean (on a really calm day) with my boogie board. :)

I guess what I'm trying to say is that you never know what you're capable of doing until you put your mind to it. :)