Friday, November 09, 2007

Birth Plan

Running on low energy here... but keeping my sense of humor.

So my niece-in-law had her baby last Friday. Baby "J". :) She got to go home before he did, because the poor kid aspirated some meconium, i.e., some baby-in-the-womb-poo. But he's ok. Now she's at home, fighting off an infection (probably from giving birth), and he's the one doing alot better.

I've been keeping my parents up to date on J's condition. My parents go to a Bible Study, and I wanted them to be able to pray for him. 'Course, I need to keep them up to date on my niece, as I think she's now having a rougher time. :P

Before J came home from the hospital, my Mom and I were discussing the situation, and how it must be making J's parents feel.

Mom: "So, when do you think they'll let him go?"

My sense of timing struck.

Me: "Oh, in about 18 years, then I expect they'll send him to college."


Me: "Sorry, couldn't resist."

Groan on the other end of the phone. :)

In other news...

My husband was hot to trot to get an electronic copy of my Birth Plan. I was ok with showing it to him, of course. I mean, it's a joint affair... heh, whether he likes it or not. ;) [He'd rather wait in the waiting area with everyone else. 'Course, so would I, but there's no way for me to "not be there" during the birth, LOL!]

But I was a little confused as to why he wanted an electronic copy of the birth plan as soon as I could get it to him. I knew we were pretty much in agreement on everything. The only thing I wasn't sure of was circumcision, but since he's a guy, I deferred to him on that one. :) [And yeah, he says our baby boy is getting circumcised.]

Then he surprised me. He took the birth plan, and did this:

YES side:

NO side:

Yes, he laminated it and double-sided it. :) He condensed my text to something quick and easy to understand. He also picked up a cool "leash" for it for me to wear.

That way, if he's not in the delivery room, (and I'm babbling incoherently in pain/delirium), someone can just look at the card to see what I would have wanted! :)

This is on par with how, a week or two ago, he brought home flowers for me. Just because. :)

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