Sunday, December 16, 2007

Oatmeal the wrong way

Hubby makes me some oatmeal. Claims he makes it the wrong way.

Me: "You can't make oatmeal the wrong way... it's foolproof."

Him: "Yeah, well, you'll see."

Last time he made it for me, I had problems finishing it. But I think that was because I was either in the middle of the headache of death from Friday, or was dead tired, or something.

He brings it in to me. I start eating...

It's.... it's... kindof a little too chewy. Oh, it's not quite cooked all the way!

Me: "Uhm, how did you make this oatmeal?"

Him: "It's wrong, isn't it? Told you I make it the wrong way. I poured boiling water over it."

"Oh. I usually just poor water over it and slap both into the microwave for 1 minute."

"Yeah, the instructions say to cook it and the water at the same time, but..."

"Wow. You DO make oatmeal the wrong way!!!!"

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