Sunday, December 02, 2007

Still preggers 12/2/2007 1:30pm, plus spooked myself

I am now officially... uhm... 11 days late. And I recently (within the last week) learned that mortality rates for babies suddenly go up past 42 weeks. [I'm being induced at the 42 week mark if he hasn't come out before then.]

So, I sleep in all kinds of weird patterns. I slept from 8:30pm to midnight, got up, was up until 5am, came to bed. Around 5:30am Logan stopped running laps. I was lying on my right side, which sometimes feels a little funny, like maybe that was where the cord is hooked up. Sometimes I've felt my heart start working harder, like maybe Logan is squishing the cord on that side.

So, Logan was running laps. Then suddenly he just stops. Like he's done, he can sleep now. But my first thought was "he ran out of oxygen, he's going to be stillborn!"

I started patting my belly. Then kindof moving my belly around. Then moved to my left side to get him "off the cord", assuming he was on it. Then majorly thumping my belly, poking my belly, shaking my belly around. Kid wouldn't move.

Logan was probably in there, lying there quietly, going, "WTF??? I'm trying to sleep here... what the hell is she doing?!?" Husband woke up to me patting belly and then stopping and waiting quietly to feel something. I sent him out to the garage for the stethoscope*. He came back once w/o finding it, went back out when I told him where I thought it was. By that time, Logan had started squirming, because I'd given up on poking and prodding, and now Logan was all like giving me his thoughts on waking him up, LOL!

Tried to find the heartbeat using the stethoscope. But couldn't find his heartbeat. And learned that getting frustrated and slapping the stethoscope onto the next location of my stomach (in my search pattern) was kindof jarring on my ears, LOL!

But he was moving around, and all peeved at me for waking him up. So it was all good. Went to sleep. ;)

* The stethoscope was in the garage because, of course, that's where everyone stores it, right??!? :)

So, a friend gave us her gun safe several months ago, and we stored the huge thing in the garage. She couldn't remember the combination, but was pretty sure she knew the first and last numbers. We tried to break into it, and had no luck after a LONG time of trying. We wanted to (a) be able to use it, and (b) return her guns!!! The gun safe was never registered when it was purchased, so there was no-one to call for the combo!!! Friend eventually came to stay for a few days, and tried to break into it herself. We also tried to get someone to come out and break into it for us, but w/o proof of ownership, for some reason (LOL), they balked!

There was a little ID code on a piece of metalic paper that was stuck to the safe, but the metalic paper got majorly munged when the safe was moved, so couldn't even use that to ID the safe!!!!

Safe was moved to our friend's house on Friday. She can now sit there in her garage, trying to crack it open in her copious free time, LOL!

This whole event made my husband post something on his blog about how a free safe is never free, LOL!!! I think I did the same... have to find the links, but whatever... :)

Anyway, Logan is fine. I've been pretty good about not having pregger panic, but I guess the whole idea that I really COULD over-bake Logan is starting to work on my brain. :)

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