Monday, December 10, 2007

Home Safe

I'm behind several updates.

Logan was born December 5th at 3:10pm via C-section, after 2 days of unsuccessful induction attempts using 3 different medications.


He was 8 pounds 3 ounces, 20 inches long. Due to the fact that they had given me morphine to help me cope with the long, unsuccessful inducement (went from 1 centimeter to a full 1.5 centimeters, whoo-hoo! :) ), he was born pretty danged sleepy.

Husband watched procedure. I was thankfully kept unaware via a blue sheet. When they broke my water through the incision, it reminded hubby of the water fountain at the Bellagio, LOL! He said first it squirted up 3 feet. He's since said it was 4. I think it's getting higher each time he tries to remember the scene.

He got to see my abdominal cavity. I'm glad I didn't see anything during the procedure, but I almost wish we'd recorded it so I could watch it once, then burn the evidence, LOL!

Several days in the hospital later, with lots of education and emotional / physical support from the nurses/doctors, they released us from the hospital on Sunday December 9th. That was way more of a production that I had thought it would be. And then, getting home, and letting the dogs sniff me and make sure I was ok (after I'd been gone since Monday morning almost a week ago) was also a production.

Then Logan wanted to be fed, changed, etc. Dogs got kicked out, w/o getting to meet him for a while. They about went nuts.

And my blood pressure had been running high. And then I realized my pain meds were wearing off, which might account at that moment for the feeling that my blood pressure was through the roof. And since they'd removed the staples Saturday, my incision was bleeding. Weee... just alot of stress even at home.

Hubby called his parents in to babysit me and Logan while he went to get pain meds at the pharmacy, as well as gauze to put over my incision. Before he left, though, he fed me and called the hospital and various doctors.

Basically, he had to take care of an invalid AND a baby. Well, I was doing the breast feeding, LOL!

His parents came over and talked to me and kept me company while he picked up my meds.

His parents came over later that evening also for moral support, LOL!

Saturday night, in the hospital, I finally lost it. Too much stimulation/information, too little sleep. Nurses had to pull me off the walls. Had a good serious crying fit. And then I finally had gotten those damned post-partum hormones weeped out, and I was SO much better. Sigh.

Hubby has been awesome. He's taken over on scheduling doc appointments, on feeding me, on chores, etc. I think we're going to make it, but it is a pretty stressful experience, LOL!

Worth it, though. :)

Finally figured out how to wake Logan for his feeding sessions. Cold, wet feet. Diaper wipes work great for that. Now if we can figure out how to get him to calm down and go back to sleep! :)

And my milk finally came in. And with that, Logan has been voracious!!!

Ok, got to click submit before he starts crying again, LOL!

Oh, the dogs finally met him. They keep checking him when he cries. I can't help but think they want to give me advice: "what are you doing? No, do it like this!!!"

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