Friday, July 29, 2005

Insomnia update

Melatonin tablets are awesome. :)

I am taking 0.25 mg (started at 0.5 mg, but wiped me out) at 3pm every day per Sleep Doc's orders. I get very groggy and have a hard time shaking off the grogginess until maybe 6 or 7pm. Then I'm ok. And when it's time for bed, I'm sleepy, nodding off, and I finally DO fall asleep!

Thank God!!!

I sleep deeper. I wake up feeling refreshed. I'm alert at work, instead of fighting off exhaustion.

The Sleep Doc is trying to fix my circadian rhythm by having me take the dose so early. Once that's fixed, I get to go in and get tested for sleep apnea. [My circadian rhythm has been about 8 hours off... my body wants to fall asleep when it's nearly dawn, and it fights sleep until then. It also doesn't want to wake up until noon. This has not made my life very easy. :P My Mom has the same problem. Ditto for her Dad. And no matter how tired I've been by NOT sleeping in in the morning, I still get my 2nd wind and am awake in the evening and late into the night. Ghrrrrr.]

I went in to see the allergist. He had me tested for allergies. [I sniffle, snark, snore, swallow post-nasal drip, and throat clear at night in bed. Also a factor in my insomnia.] After the torture, 'er, I mean testing, it was determined that I am not allergic to ANY of the 30 items they tested for. So I probably have a nose that is easily irritated by dust or particulate matter
or something, or I'm allergic to something not on the big list of 30 items.

It doesn't take much nose blowing for my nose's tissue to get inflamed and restrict my breathing. I have a very picky nose. :)

I was born premature, with a crappy immune system that has slowly as I've gotten older become a more robust immune system. I expected to be allergic to everything I was tested for. It's weird to realize that just 'cause I'm a little more susceptible to colds or sore throats doesn't mean I'm going to have allergy problems!

I am NOT allergic to dogs. VERY VERY HAPPY SIGH. [Where are my German Shepherds? Must go pet and hug and adore them now... :) ]

I tried flonase out. [Per Sleep doctor, can't take any anti-histamines, especially as I became addicted to them and was using them in lieu of sleeping pills!] Flonase has no anti-histamine. I think it might have helped a little, but it also gave me Flonase post-nasal drip! Which I could almost taste... and it tasted weird.

Anyway, thank the Lord, progress is being made.

For a while there my favorite word was "defeated". I think I can change that now to "Hope". :)

And now to try to alternative nasal sprays the allergist sent me home with today. :)

To all of you with insomnia, allergies, or noses that are faking allergies, my utmost sympathy and empathy goes out to you.


nancy =) said...

oh joy...i loved reading this because i, too, do not sleep...i'm also a diver but still haven't been too palau but heard it is THE place to dive...i found you at the big question...ciao...

madrigalia said...

Flonase tastes a bit like lilacs, no?

I too have the mysterious sniffly issue. Through geographical displacement, I've narrowed it down to trees, goldenrod, and mold - all abundant where my family lives.

Sigh. Allergy testing is complicated. Good to hear yours turned out fine!