Tuesday, October 09, 2007

But wait!!! There's more!!

I stayed home sick today, Tuesday, 10/9/2007. Was wiped out.

Thought I got you guys all caught up with my prior post with all the weirdnesses that have been going on since Monday of last week to today.

But NO... I typed too soon.

I checked my work email from home. Meetings for "Open Enrollment" are on November 1st and 2nd. For my company's new insurance plan. Which starts December 1st.

I see my ObGyn on Thursday, 10/11/2007, for a checkup and to also ask her how much time she recommends I stay home prior to the birth. I'm due 11/21/2007, unless they decide to induce, or the baby decides to come out early. I was thinking I'd start SDI 11/05/2007. That's a little over 2 weeks... probably not enough time, especially if the docs say the baby needs to come out early.

I don't know yet if my ObGyn, or the Pediatrician I picked out, will be on the new insurance. They probably will, as this new insurance is supposed to cover MORE doctors. Crossing fingers. Rather not deliver with one ObGyn, then have to see another one I've never met for my recovery!

If my ObGyn says I need to take time off prior to 11/05/2007, I may not LEGALLY be allowed to attend the Open Enrollment new insurance meetings. Once you are SDI, you cannot enter your place of work. I'd have to send my husband to them!!! So he'd have to miss time at his work in order to get me (and him) enrolled in the new insurance. [We are covered on my insurance currently as mine is better than his, and as his won't cover me if I'm employed and have the opportunity to have insurance with my company.]

If my pregnancy runs 2 weeks late, I may be on an insurance that won't cover my current ObGyn, my current hospital, etc.

Ok... whom did I piss off? This is just getting ridiculous.

I keep thinking this can't get any more messed up or stressful. Heh-heh.

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