Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My Mom needs a keeper...

So, I'm in Trader Joe's, getting some stuff that my Gestational Diabetes dietician recommended.

My cell rings. It's my husband. He tells me that my Mom has managed to lock herself out of her house! She was heading out to Bible Study, and then realized that her door and car keys were locked inside the house. Dad is working late, and won't be home until well after 11pm.

I call my Mom and let her know I just need to pick up a few more things, then I'll come unlock her door. I finish making my purchases and drive on over. There's Mom, sitting on the stairs to the back door.

I get out and tell her, "Ok, it's official: you need a keeper!" I'm grinning and obviously teasing her. She gets all embarrassed and guilty, saying she's really sorry to be a bother and stuff. I manage to get her to relax and tell her it's ok.

I mention the option of hiding some keys outside their house. Of course, she could also give spare keys to her friends or any neighbors she trusts.

I unlock the door, she goes inside and gets her keys, and we head back out.

Ever since the accident my relative had, my Mom's been a little nervous herself about driving. So I offer to follow her, since the Bible Study is on the way home.

So, she gets in her car, I get in my car, and off we go.

Before she leaves the housing area their place is in, she pulls over and turns on the windshield wipers. The wiper fluid ejection system is apparently aimed a little too high: I see twin jets of washer fluid mostly shooting up over the roof of her car, like she's got twin elves standing on the hood of her car, relieving themselves most POWERFULLY! I about fall over into the passenger seat, I'm laughing so hard!

I learned later that Dad had attempted to aim them more towards the windshield, but had failed. Hence, the, 'er, "watershow".

So, we hit the road again. She drives PAINFULLY slowly the entire way there. She confuses me once by signaling that she's getting into the right hand lane (when we're about to go through a light), and staying in the left lane when she's done. Ok, then... I shift back behind her, and decide not to believe her signals, LOL!

She turns down the wrong road to the Bible Study (something she claims she's never done before), and we both do U-turns to get her to the right location. I teased her later and said she was probably just nervous, because I was right behind her.

She parks. She thanks me for the escort. I head out for home.

Unbeknownst to me, as she's getting out of her car, her car keys fall OFF THE KEY CHAIN, and so when she closed her car door... YES, YOU GUESSED IT... she locked herself out of her car!!!

She didn't want to bother me about it, and so, after the Bible Study, got a ride home from one of her friends. Dad drove her earlier today to go rescue the car, LOL!

As it is, all I could have given her is a ride home. I don't have spare car keys for that car. ;)

My Sister and I are still laughing about it. :)

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