Thursday, September 13, 2007

Must be trying to keep us busy...

So, the prior week was pretty hectic.

This current week has just been way worse, but let's start on the prior week first, LOL!

I mentioned I have Gestational Diabetes. I hadn't thought I would have to poke my fingers, just that I'd be on a weird diet. Well, I get the weird diet, and finger-pricking 4 times a day!

And with the Gestational Diabetes, I have had 3 extra doctor appointments added for this month. That and the ObGyn appointments are now once every 2 weeks. And the baby classes started on 9/5/2007 from 7pm to 9pm every Wednesday night.

As I said, maybe they're just trying to keep us pregger people really busy, LOL!

Tuesday, 9/4/07, after going over the initial diet I'd be on, the poor nurse got me all setup to use the device. She showed me what to do. Then it was time for me to poke myself, and I started to hyperventilate! She tried to calm me down. And she tried to get me to let her pinch me, because it hurts less than a pinch. I know all that, but come on! We're dealing with an unreasonable phobia here, LOL!

She told me to just push the needle springy thing against my finger w/o actually pressing the trigger. To think of it as a little kiss from my baby. I told her I did NOT want to associate needles with my sweet newborn! :)

I got ready to do it. I mentioned that I wished I had something to bite down on. She said, "Well, don't bite me!" I laughed. I hyperventilated some more. Then I finally did it. She didn't think I'd made a big enough hole, and was about to advise me to put the spring on a higher tension setting, when I squeezed my finger and said, "nope, we've got plenty of blood here!!!", LOL!

She told me that she'd feel sorry for me but she has patients who are 3 years old who have to poke themselves 4 times a day! I explained I'd had a bad experience when I was a kid, but I also felt total sympathy for those poor little kids! And I knew I was being silly, but it was hard to fight the phobia.

She was worried I wouldn't be able to do this on my own, might need some more counseling or something. I told her it would be ok, for my newborn, I could do it.

And sure enough, later that day, I successfully poked myself in the finger after dinner. And successfully did it again 5 times the next day, as at one point, I felt a little weird, and wondered if it was low blood sugar? [It seemed to be... eating definitely helped.] So actually voluntarily poked myself one extra time.

I have a bit of a problem with a mild form of self-injury. I chew on the inside of the lower left side of my lip. And if I find a bug bite or pimple, I scratch it off. Then, if I have a scab, I scratch that off, too. So it sometimes looks like it's taking forever to heal a bug bite or something on me. It's a really bad habit, but there it is. At least I don't bite my nails.

So am now wondering if I can focus my self-injury thing into the finger-pricking thing. "Wow, really feel like biting my lower lip or scratching a major scar into my arm. Oh, wait! It's time to check my blood sugar!!!" Well, we'll see. :)

Tuesday night (9/4/07) I was exhausted, but had to go grocery shopping after work. Needed to pick up the items on my new diet, plus we were low on stuff anyway. AND, needed to get some nice one-person micro-wave dinners for my husband, so he doesn't starve to death while I'm on my weird diet.

Woke up late Wednesday (9/5/07) morning. [Ok, ok, I always wake up late, and being preggers isn't improving that trend any.] I had an appointment with my shrink in the morning. I fed the dogs, tested my fasting blood sugar, then tried to whip together something very quickly for breakfast. Made myself coffee, made some oatmeal with flax-seed added in, plus unsalted nuts, plus half-and-half, plus cinnamon. Added cinnamon to the coffee as well. [This was all per my diet. The coffee was black except for a little half-and-half.]

Started the 1 hour timer from my first bite. But couldn't hurry eating the oatmeal... it was too hot! Scarfed my coffee, ate a couple more bites, and hit the shower. Jumped out of the shower, and ate maybe 5 more bites while getting ready. Let dogs out. Worried that I hadn't eaten enough... TOOK BOWL OF OATMEAL WITH ME IN THE CAR!

I was eating oatmeal at every stoplight, and whenever the traffic seemed reasonable. I ended up with spilled oatmeal on my pants, and on my passenger seat. Oops.

I sat down to wait for my shrink to see me. He was running late. Of course, he came out right when I needed to do my 1-hour-from-first-bite sugar-checking. I screwed up, didn't get enough blood out. My shrink came out, touching the bloody strip in order to pull it out and help me put in a new strip! I was totally grossed out, and told him that, but that I also didn't have any blood-borne diseases as far as I knew. But yuck, yuck, yuck!

His son has diabetes and has to do this every day. He's made a point of keeping his son's life as normal as possible, i.e., it's not looked at like it's this big thing. I really like my shrink. :)

Anyway, I ate too much oatmeal. I didn't check the portion correctly. I think my score was either 174 or 179... REALLY bad. I had the portions for the rest of the day dialed in much better. I think I got a 122 and a 121. Haven't seen numbers that high since my portion mistake. Well, except for hitting 131 after having some corn with a meal. Guess no corn for me. ;)

Wednesday (9/5/07) night I had my baby class at the downtown hospital. Husband showed up just after me, even though he had had a head start on me. And here's where the fun started.

First of all the video's showing how to cope with the pain cracked me up. The women were all doing this kindof disturbing low-level moaning. No screaming... nothing that feels more real. The low-tone moaning is supposed to make it easier to handle the pain. And the fathers!!! They were all very sincere, very sweet... and that was cool. But none of them were trying to crack any jokes, trying to make their wife laugh! It was very weird, but I realized after watching it that maybe these people were trying to keep their cool and not do anything like joking around due to thinking it would be inappropriate in the video.

Now, meanwhile, during the entire class, my husband is leaning over and teasing me almost non-stop. I'm fighting to laugh quietly each time he does this! At one point he said he was going to work hard to get a Trunk Monkey into the delivery room with us! I gave him a dirty look (with a grin) and punched him lightly in the arm.

Then, during the breathing exercises, he leans over and says "Slide". I had to sock him again!

"Slide" is from the movie "Fight Club". And that's really all I can tell you about that movie, because if you haven't seen it, I absolutely will NOT spoil it for you. Yes, it's that good. But it's pretty sick and twisted, and don't watch it with kids in the room.

Anyway, needless to say, I think I'd rather have my husband with me, cracking jokes, than him being super serious the entire time, LOL!

I forgot to add another nightmare to my list of nightmares in the last post: loss of teeth. Feeling them crumble around my tongue, as I move my tongue over them. *shudder*

And a NEW worst nightmare, which I had the prior week: My unborn son is really twins, conjoined at the head. My belly was extended way out. I was walking up some stairs, holding my belly with my hands. I dropped it, felt my belly hit one of the steps. Could see inside, like my belly was translucent, and realized I actually had twins, and the poor things had been dropped on their skulls. [Which again, they were sharing part of their skull.] But I realize they hadn't been hurt from the fall. Whew!

Then one of them, one who looks a little better formed, says, "Mommy, what are we going to do? We're attached at the head!"

I looked at them a little panicked, and responded, "It's ok, L, and baby I don't have a name for yet. We'll figure something out."

And then I woke up. Yeah, trippy.

Ok, the post for this CURRENT week is going to be a whopper, but I needed to get this one out, first! Sigh.

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