Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Where do I put the moat?

I saw my ObGyn Thursday of last week. She reminded me that the specialist, who zeroed in on the "3rd leg", during my last ultrasound, had determined my due date was no longer November 29th, but November 21st. I'm ahead a week. I'd sorta spaced on it... like I heard it, but it didn't really click.

Tripped me out. Means I crossed 23 weeks last Wednesday... 24 as of today, Wednesday 8/1/2007. I'm well over halfway there.

Each month is approximately 4.5 weeks. 40 weeks == 8.88888 months. Hmph. If 40 weeks is supposed to be 9 months, maybe that should really be 4.44 weeks per month? Well, anyway...

So, 24 weeks == 5.33333 months. Yeah, over halfway there.



I quit reading "What to Expect when you're Expecting". My shrink said that was probably a good thing, considering I have OCD, and might focus on one item in the book and start worrying about it happening.

However, I also haven't read any books on how to care for babies.

Instead I've been re-reading my Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter collection, trying to re-familiarize myself with the series in preparation for reading the latest book, book 15 in the series.

And I've got about 3 other books waiting in the wings, including the latest Harry Potter, so no-one spoil it for me, LOL! :)

But I am going to sign up for some quicky classes on the whole birth process, taking care of babies, and also baby CPR. My husband will be going with me. And I've got friends and family who have kids, so I think everything's going to be ok.

But it's just a really, really weird experience, this whole pregnancy thing.

Sometimes I have a panic attack over the fact that there's SOMETHING ELSE ALIVE inside of me. Just feels a little creepy.

Other times I'm happy talking to our future son, saying things like, "How yah doing, kiddo?", or, "What do you think?", or, "Hey! Quit kicking me in the bladder!"

My husband was on travel Sunday night thru Thursday night last week. I guess the "motherhood" protective instinct kicked in, because every night, I made sure the doors and the sliding glass door were locked. And kept a loaded revolver near the bed, with 6 extra bullets nearby in case I needed to reload. And brought the machete that normally sits next to the sliding glass door (I got it after going nuts trying to cut up huge bushy weeds next to the side of the house, prior to having the house tented for termites), and placed it next to my side of the bed.

Because, you know, all that training in machete-fighting would come in handy if someone broke in, LOL. :) And no, I have no clue how to fight with a knife, much less a machete. I took some Tae-Kwon-Do, but never got past white-belt. But I DO know how to shoot. Well, at least with the machete in the bedroom with me, a perp couldn't find it in the living room to try to use on me.

I also had a flashlight near the bed, and a lighter, so I could light a candle. And my cell phone and a portable phone nearby, even though the landline phone is at the head of the bed.

And did I mention the 170 pounds of fur, fang and claw that sleep with me at night? That would be one 70 pound female German Shepherd and one 100 pound male German Shepherd. And they are in their prime... if they wanted to take someone down, they could do it.

And they are 100% on my side. ;)

Yeah, I am probably as safe as a person can be, with all those things nearby!

When my husband came home, he teased me when he was kissing me goodbye one morning and said, "Love your machete". :)

Anyway, the OCD+pregnancy of late has been making me a little extra protective of myself, i.e., me and the fetus. And it showed by the amount of hardware/tools I insisted on taking with me into the bedroom each night, LOL!

Heh. Funny. I didn't even think about taking the fire extinguisher into the bedroom too! Man, how did I forget about THAT????

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Clark & Monica said...

I have "What to Expect.." also. I found it useful, but not nearly enough information for me. I am an information junkie!
I got two books on parenting that were highly recomended to me and they have helped a lot to make me feel like we at least have a game plan once the little guy comes into the world.
The first one which I am using mostly and have many friends who have succesfully used this method is "On Becoming Baby Wise" They have a well balenced approach that actually allows the baby to become part of YOUR life instead of turning your world completly apart for their every whim.
The other book is great for southing techniques, but I don't agree with their basic premis. The tools still work...It is "Happiest Baby on the Block" They have the 5 "S"s. They work wonders from what I have heard.
Anyway...hope that helps. Call me if you ever want to talk about any of this stuff.