Friday, July 06, 2007


My husband and I have decided to go chill out in the patio of a local ritzy hotel. We're kicking back, sitting in front of the fire, both of us typing/surfing away on our laptops.

Three people walk by, and one of them starts going off on us!

She can't believe we are sitting here, outside, enjoying the night air and a fire and a few drinks (mine non-alcoholic, of course), and we are sitting across from each other on our individual laptops! She starts giving us a speech on how we should be sitting next to each other, laptops closed, enjoying the time outside with each other.

I said that this is what we do in our living room, with our German Shepherds hanging out with us.

She said, "Exactly! This is NOT your living room! Oh, no wonder so many young people get divorced these days!"

My husband pipes up with "Damned kids and their rock music."

She doesn't quite get the implied joke and says that it's not the music that's the issue. I start giggling and say, "No, it was a joke."

She walks away disgusted, saying something about how we're missing our chance, how we should be stopping to smell the roses.

When she's mostly out of earshot we start giggling and blogging about the incident. ;)

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Kenya Starflight said...

Hee hee...

Reminds me of getting my first text-able cell phone a few weeks ago. I texted EVERYBODY -- including my mom, who was sitting across the room from me! :)