Sunday, July 08, 2007

Dogs are weird...

Our dogs

So, why do our dogs both come running into the bedroom, and go lie down in their crates when my husband and I are in there making love?

Is it a pack thing?

Are they happy to see their Alpha male and Alpha female mating, therefore increasing the solidarity of the pack?

Does that mean that they feel even more secure knowing I'm pregnant, i.e., about to have "puppies", and therefore continue the existence of "the pack"?

Can they sense that I'm pregnant?


And why do they both go into their crates when one of us goes into the bathroom to take a shower? I admit it's kind of comforting to know they are out there in the bedroom, waiting for me or my husband. Like they are keeping some sort of vigil while we bathe. Perhaps they doubt our sanity, as we are doing an activity so unnatural to them, and so they want to keep watch, make sure they can "rescue" us from the evil shower if something bad happens.

Sort of explains why our male German Shepherd will stick his nose between the shower wall and the shower curtain, as if to say, "Are you REALLY sure you want to be in here doing this? I mean, when you force me to get in here for a bath, you KNOW it's like torture. So, why are you torturing yourself?? Are you feeling well?"

Why do they visit us when we're sitting on the pot in the bathroom? Do they find it disturbing that we pee and poo inside the house, and therefore need to check on us? Is it mostly that they are eager to sniff our butts while we're doing our thing, since they do that to each other when each other is peeing? It would explain why they do sometimes try to sniff our butts while we are sitting there. They do seem a little frustrated that the part of our butt they really want to get to is kept safe by the toilet seat...

Why do they insist on sniffing every corner of the back yard at night, when I'm just trying to get them to pee and poo so we can all go to bed? And then act like they aren't really interested in peeing or pooing, and wander back inside. And then, when we're all settled in the bedroom for the night, stare at us and then at the bedroom door, like they really still need to pee and poo?

And what's with the floor show every night at around 9pm? Like clockwork, they start running back and forth through the house, one chasing the other. When they change direction, they change which dog is chasing which.

People say that watching fish in a fish tank can be very soothing. But they are missing the sheer silliness of 2 huge German Shepherds running back and forth, the entire length of the house, about 10 times until they wear themselves out, stop in the living room, panting, looking at us, as if to say "why aren't you joining us?" We just sit there on the couch, looking at each other and giggling.

Why does our male dog eat poo? And then come into the living room, sit in front of us and pant in our face? Is he trying to share the incredible flavor he experiences?

We feed them both enough dog food. We've tried feeding our male German Shepherd extra dog food, thinking maybe he was extra hungry and was thus eating dog poo to try to increase his diet. We often give them some cooked meat we have leftover from dinner. And in spite of this, our male German Shepherd still has to eat poo! What is it that makes poo taste so good to him???

Why are our dogs so weird?

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