Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Seven years ago today, September 13th, around 3:30 in the afternoon, I married my perfect match. :)

A guy geekier than I am, and yet still capable of being "normal" when necessary. :) [And extra geeky when necessary, as well.]

A guy who puts up with all my shit. And whose shit I happily put up with.

A guy who loves me and appreciates me and is proud of me.

A guy I love, appreciate, and am proud of. :)

A guy who loves to learn new skills and go after new adventures, and has goosed me to have the bravery to go after that same love in myself.

A guy who loves dogs. Thankfully more than white carpets!

A guy I can talk code with. :) A guy I can talk about anything with.

A guy I can snuggle with, or be intellectual with, or just be quiet with. :)

A guy I respect.

A guy with an awesome sense of humor. And a sick and twisted nature to go along with it. ;)

A guy who helps me be assertive and stand my ground, even against my Parents and my Sister, when necessary. :)

A guy I would defend no matter what.

A guy I want to spend the rest of my life with. :)

Seven years ago, he was crazy enough to marry me, in spite of what a nutcase I am. :)

Seven years ago, I was crazy enough to marry him and his often twisted sense of humor. ;)

I am blessed. :)


nancy =) said...

congrats and many more years of bliss to you both =)...what a lovely post that was...peace...

tandyflynn9259 said...

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Anne Arkham said...

I envy you. I hope to find someone like that someday.