Monday, September 05, 2005

Flying High

So this weekend we did some much needed positive things.

1) Met a friend for lunch.

2) Worked out an insane amount.

3) Did a Discover Flight, where both my husband and I got to handle the controls of a plane while we went from airport A to airport B, landed, then airport B back to airport A. He held the controls with the instructor from A to B, I did from B to A. Was totally awesome!

We're signing up for flying lessons.

We've learned how to surf... well, my husband can stand on the board, but I use it like it's a boogie board. ;)

We've learned how to scuba-dive. Both of us have Open-Water, Advanced, and Nitrox certifications.

We've learned how to ride motorcycles, and both have bikes.

This isn't a new skill, but we've both been on the HMR diet/exercise program for the past 5 weeks, and have both lost weight.

We've been kindof dormant for a couple of years, other than the HMR thing. It's time for the next major skill. ;)

After what's happened to us this week, what's happened to New Orleans and the deep South, what's happened to us over the past year in general, the Tsunami... it's time to do something positive and energizing in response to our problems and the worlds problems. Time to learn a new skill. :)

Hope everyone else had a good weekend. :)


nancy =) said...

what an awesome outlook!! must be all that best girlfriend has been taking flying lessons and is just a few hours away from soloing...i was supposed to do it with her but $$$ was an issue for me at the time...good for you guys!! rock on!! ciao...

Sith Snoopy said...

Thanks, Nancy!

The only problem is that our hobbies keep getting exponentially more expensive. :)

I think our last new hobby will be "have a kid", the most expensive one of all! But the most rewarding. :)

tristan said...

I'm a flight instructor and I've given hundreds of discovery flights, I'm glad you had fun, and I'm sure you'll have a blast learning how to fly.

Sith Snoopy said...

Today, Saturday, was my husband's first training flight.

Tomorrow, Sunday, is mine.

I haven't decided if I'm excited or scared shi*tless!

A little bit of both, I guess. :)

We are keeping the guy who did our Discover flying flight as our instructor. He's totally cool. :)

He's got a bit of an Italian accent.

When I was in college, I had two Probability and Statistics classes with the same Indian professor. He was totally brilliant. But the ironic thing is that, when I took a couple more classes in Stats from different professors, it just didn't seem right! The other professors didn't have an Indian-English accent!

I wonder if after having this instructor, if I go on to get checked out in new planes other than Cessna's, if it will mess with my head if the new instructor doesn't have an Italian accent? :)