Friday, June 20, 2008

Milestones and Millstones

I started writing this ages and ages ago, and never finished. Kinda silly, but am posting it now.

Oh, and the skin cancer was removed. The scarring was minimal. And Logan is starting to almost crawl backwards. Forwards is still a challenge. And rolling is getting better, but his arms get stuck under him sometimes and keep him from being able to roll where he wants to, LOL! And he isn't sitting up yet, but is better at holding himself up a little with his arms. And we started solid food when he turned 6 months on June 5th. And I turned 40 on June 10th, but was sick with an intestinal virus. And then hubby got the virus for Father's Day. Weeeee.

And the sleep deprivation feels like it's killing me. But have started taking melatonin, since I'm no longer breast feeding, since (1) made it to the 6 month mark, (2) before the doc knew it might be viral, he thought it was an infection and put me on Cipro... no breast feeding while on that, (3) I was having issues, anyway, as my left boob had dried up due to an idiotic lack of using it that made it start to produce less that made Logan start to want it less that made it start to produce even less that... yeah. So gave up.

Anyway, here's the long update that never got posted. It's from April I think. :)

Oh, and the friend who was out of work is now working at my company. And we got our own Playstation 3 after he took his back, LOL!

Houston, we have roll

He's done it! Logan just turned 4 months on April 5th, and he's rolled over!

We need to get pictures... a sortof time lapse thing. Wait, our camera can take video... so it should be video. Definitely video. :)

Once he got onto his stomach, he managed to pull himself a little, but then got to the point where he didn't know what else to do now that he was there. And he didn't know how to get back to his comfort zone, i.e., lying on his back. So the crying started. So I rolled him back over. :)

He's done it twice today so far. I think I'd better bold the changing pad to the desk in his room, and start RELIGIOUSLY using the changing pad's strap!

Ack! Phbbbbbbbt!

Logan wasn't done with rolling... now we have raspberries! With tongue! So far, he hasn't sprayed anyone in the face. As fas as I know.

That accomplishment was April 6th's highlight. :)

Carpet Cleaning

So there's this new Woolite carpet cleaning thing, called a Rug Stick. You scrub the rug with it, taking care of high traffic areas.

Our entire carpet is one big high traffic area. The German Shepherds track in more dust and dirt than I would have thought possible. And man, do they shed! Husband bought a special vacuum in order to try to reign in the flying fur. He has to empty it for every room he vacuums. And he's vacuuming fairly regularly.

When we first looked at our house, we were told the owner had put in brand new white carpeting. We had been living in an apartment that didn't allow dogs, and knew that the moment we had a yard, we were getting a German Shepherd.

We'd looked at the beautiful carpet, at each other, and started snickering. It was NOT going to stay white for long! He should have just left the old carpeting.

And sure enough, it's more of a beige to tan now... at least we don't get upset at spills, or Logan spitting up.

But now, with Logan, we realize it REALLY needs to be a bit cleaner. Especially now that he's getting closer to crawling.

Crap... we need to get everything dangerous out of range of the Little Guy now. Well, at least he won't chew up and destroy the remote controls the way Boss dog did when he first joined our "pack". :)

Skin Cancer

So, I have this teeny black dot on my forehead. If you look more closely, you'll see that it's actually the black thread of stitches. It's from having a tiny sore on my forehead biopsed. The sore was one of those suspicious sores that refused to heal.

And yeah, it's skin cancer. It's malignant. But it's not something that's moving really fast. I've had it for probably about 2 years. Should have dealt with it earlier, but wasn't up to dealing with it during the pregnancy.

On April 23rd, I go back in to have it removed. If it's significantly large, maybe I'll get a tattoo over the scar... maybe a bulls-eye, LOL. :)

First Day Back

So, I'm back at work. The sleep deprivation and trying to get ready in the morning, trying to clean bottles every night in spite of Logan's fussing... well, sometimes I'm down to 4 hours of sleep at night.

Typing this while Logan is ironically totally asleep in his playpen. Am tempted to leave him there, since he's sleeping so well. Just worried that if I do that, w/o having the SID's monitor under him, that something will happen.

Of course, it's not like, while I'm sitting here typing this or watching TV or whatever, that I'm going to be able to watch him every second to ensure he's still breathing.

They just shouldn't tell new Mom's about SID's. They should just tell them to keep their babies sleeping on their backs because otherwise their noses will grow funny or something.

Oh my God, Ponies!

Well, our friend D came by and TOOK HIS PLAYSTATION 3 BACK. We have a widescreen TV, and so D had brought his PS3 here in... October? And was enjoying playing Warhawk 3 here. It looked so much prettier on our large flat-panel TV vs. his old TV at home that he just left the PS3 here and would come over to play.

He was laid off a few months ago, and he recently became gainfully employed again. He'd saved up enough, and purchased his own huge flat-panel widescreen TV. So his PS3 and his copy of Warhawk went bye-bye. Sigh.

We lasted about 3 or 4 days, and then Hubby went and picked up a new PS3, Ratchet and Clank, and downloaded Warhawk. :) Ironically, I bugged him about doing it... I don't play Warhawk at all, but I LOVE watching him play the game.

And so does Logan. :)

We also noticed that Logan likes Ratchet and Clank as well, but I think he's more fond of Warhawk, as he's more used to watching that game!


Which brings us to a sad confession: because Logan enjoys watching PS3 games so much, we call it "parenting" whenever Hubby starts playing. ;)

Almost on a Schedule

Father-in-Law's been babysitting while I'm taking a break from motherhood known as a 40 hour a week job. Father-in-Law's obviously raised children before, and so has been getting a really good feeling for the schedule Logan's starting to settle into.

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