Sunday, June 29, 2008

4 a.m.

I woke up at 4am having to pee.

Husband was asleep. Boss and Ellie, our German Shepherds, were snoozing away.

Logan, our nearly 7-month old, was sleeping on our bed. At 2am, we'd given up and brought him to bed with us, in his co-sleeper. It was just easier than getting up to comfort him every hour. And yeah, we have to break him of that... he's got to sleep in his own room through the night. But I can totally understand his not wanting to sleep alone.

I have a bad habit of skin-picking when I'm stressed. I target bumps, bug bites, scars, pimples, scabs, edges of wounds left over after picking out a scab, etc. If I find something to pick in one area, I sometimes branch out in that area, continuing to pick.

Yeah, this is NOT a good thing to be doing to myself. :P I know. It's a form of self-injury, and is something that people sometimes fall into using as a bad coping strategy. It's sometimes triggered by my OCD.

So, the last bug bite or pimple or whatever was in my scalp, near my forehead. Been stressing in general... new project at work in new programming language, taking care of baby at night, sleep deprivation... wee. And I sometimes pick at night while lying awake, trying to fall asleep, and that was the case this night.

Anyway, 4am, and I got up to pee. I walk into the bathroom, turn on the light. There's a few small scabs that I'd peeled out of my hair, that's stuck to my bangs. I sigh. There's another peeled-off scab on the top of my head towards the back. Wow, they moved around after I picked them off.

I do my business, go to wash my hands. As I'm soaping up my hands, I look up at myself in the mirror.

The scab on my hair towards the back of my head...

... has 8 legs and is moving!!!

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