Monday, April 16, 2007

I'm due November 29th!

I went to my ObGyn today. They did a sonogram to see how things were going, and determine how far along I really was.

As my body was giving me mixed signals, I wasn't sure if I had gotten pregnant in early February or early March. Well, now I know. I must have gotten pregnant in early March.

I'm due November 29th. Today, 4/16/2007, I am exactly 7 weeks and 5 days along... they count from maybe day 3 of your last period. Or they misunderstood when I told them day 1 was??? Anyway, I guess it's easier to start from there, your last period, than from guessing the actual date of conception, LOL!

40 weeks later, a baby will be born.

I saw the heart beat. It looked like it was fluttering... moving so fast.

I'm having an adorable...
Lima bean. ;)

Eventually, I'm told it will look less bean-ish. ;)

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