Monday, April 02, 2007


I'm having that lovely paranoia that all pregnant women get. Enhanced by my natural obsessive-compulsiveness.

There was a lady at the grocery store who occasionally coughed. She had some kids with her. I avoided her area of the store, holding my breath until I was a few aisles away.

I picked up my items, got in line, and then, lo and behold, she gets in line behind me.

I keep my cart between myself and her, and finally explain:
"I'm really sorry, but I'm pregnant, and you're coughing is scaring the crap out of me! I'm just a little paranoid right now, and will be that way probably for another 8 months."

I honestly am not sure if she understood me... she may not have spoken English. But she smiled a little, but seemed a little embarrassed.

I got my groceries to the car, then returned the cart. I was about 20 feet from where I could release the cart, in front of the store, when one of her daughter's came running out. She sneezed w/o covering her mouth.

I shoved the cart hard in the direction it needed to go, turned around w/o watching to see if it made it, held my breath, and ran to my car!


Deborah said...

Jala Neti will help you overcome your (not unreasonable) paranoia about germs. It is a form of nasal cleaning that comes from yoga, and is very easy to do. It washes out dirt, pollens, and yes ... even the rhinovirus if done soon enough after exposure. I won't bog you down with the details; you can research on your own at your leisure.

A daily neti will keep you healthy and a "clean" nose is a nose that works better at filtering out the things we breath that can make us sick. I use a .09% saline solution myself, as it is the most soothing and natural to your body's normal saline.

Best Wishes, Deborah

Kenya Starflight said...

People coughing and sneezing in public always amounts to a little paranoia. No one wants to get sick, pregnant or not. (Though a pregant woman does have more to worry about...)

Good luck on future shopping excursions [if you can't get the hubby to do it for you ;)].