Monday, September 18, 2006

Dead Possum Demarcation

Driving to work today.

Every 100 to 200 yards or so, lying on the middle of the road nearly dead (pun intended) center on the yellow line was a dead possum.

I couldn't help but feel a certain fondness for redneck notions at that moment...

"Look, Martha... the road-workers have done gotten these here new separation indicators down early this season..."

Yeah, I know... lame attack on rednecks. Hey, did I mention or hint at the idea of roadkill being for dinner? No. So there. Nyaaah.

And really, I probably have some redneck blood in the middle of all that Irish/Scottish/English/German white-mutt blood I've got, so... I'm allowed to make jokes about rednecks. ;)

Either that, or I'm just out of it from the smoke from the nasty fires of late. Yeah. Yeah. That's it...

Ok, ok, I'm in a really snarky mood. ;)

On another note... I'm slacking on Darth Sentinel 2. I apologize. I haven't been feeling motivated. Am planning on making more progress... trying to use a tape recorder to get my ideas recorded.

See, I'm imaging all these great scenes, but when I'm far away from the computer. :P Dumb. Guess it's my brain saying it wants to work on this, but "outside the box".

Anyway, keep your ears/eyes peeled for new chapters.

Hope anyone in the burn areas in California is doing ok, as well as their friends, families, pets, homes, etc. :P Hang in there, and Godspeed.

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