Thursday, November 24, 2005


So, today we did the following:

1. Took the doggies to visit my husband's parents.
2. Took the doggies to visit my parents.
3. Came home and chilled.
4. Took 3.5 mile walk.
5. Went to Jack-in-the-crack for dinner for my husband.

We're both dieting, but my diet is a bit more restrictive. The whole turkey dinner and gravy and etc., etc., would have been too much for us right now. :P

So we are experiencing a turkey-free Thanksgiving. It's a little weird, but so are we. :)

Meanwhile, I've also been reading my new OCD books. The book "Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders" by Steven Levenkron has been speaking to me very deeply. It's a trip. I've also got Steven's book on "Cutting". Both are very good and very insightful. I think I may finally understand how my whole OCD thing started.

Am trying to get a women's OCD group started in my area... or to find one that already exists! :) Am realizing it's very theraputic to talk to people with similar problems.

Hoping everyone else's Thanksgiving's are peaceful and enjoyable, and not too fattening. :)


nancy =) said...

good for you guys for foregoing the whole big turkey dinner thing...because really no one needs to eat that much food in one day, or have that much food leftover and in the frig...

and good for you for pursuing a woman's will see, it will do wonders...hope you find one, or start one, and remember, if it only starts with 2 people, that's enuff...

take care, snoop...and enjoy the rest of the weekend...

Sith Snoopy said...

You too, Nancy. :)

anonymuis said...

happy belated thanksgiving :)

Gloria Glo said...

Good for you! I think support groups are important. It's nice to be going through something and be able to look around and see other people at the same place. Good luck! (On the diet as well. Kudos for being so diligent as to skip the turkey!)