Monday, August 08, 2005


So, in my pursuit of health and being able to sleep, I have gone on a supervised diet with my husband. This will obviously improve my health, but should also improve my ability to sleep as being in better shape helps sleep, as well as the fact that losing weight improves sleep apnea, if you have that. [I don't know yet if I have that.]

HMR is about doing 2000 calories (kcal) of exercise a week, and per day, eating 2 of their packaged entrees, drinking 3 of their shakes, and eating 5 servings of fruits and vegetables.

The 2000 calories works out to 300 calories a day approx.

Trying to eat 5 of what they call a serving of fruits and vege's is quite the challenge.

It's either 1 cup in volume or 8 oz. in weight, with some exceptions. Salad is 3 cups of leaves per serving, I think due to lack of compression. [I decided therefore that a canned of cooked spinach was a 1-1 ratio and not a 1-3 ratio, therefore!]

Beans, due to their density, are double. I'm not sure if that means you can have 8 oz of beans volume or weight in order to achieve 2 servings. I need to bug the weight counselor in our phone call.

You'd think there would be a FAQ for all of this. The weight counselor says she didn't have a FAQ. Certainly SOMEONE must have one.

So, why have I and a bunch of my friends started HMR? Most of my friends have realized they need to get serious about this whole weight-loss/health thing, and have always noticed that it's easier to learn something either when you are in a class and need to make a grade, or when you are learning on the job to complete an assignment.

Both require accountability. You don't want an "F", and you certainly don't want to get fired!

Both require accountability not from just your friends, but also from a "higher source", whether it be your boss, or your teacher. In this case, it's our weight management counselor.

Anyway, since most of my friends, myself included, have realized we need outside motivators, we went out and got them!

It's just totally weird to be doing this, though. The other day I packed a bunch of "illegal" food into boxes, and delivered them to my place of work, putting them into two shelves in a cupboard and writing "free!" on two paper napkins I placed in there! Sigh. No more chocolate sauce. No milk. No chocolate milk. No ice cream. No crackers or bread. No macaroni and cheese. Aigh! No cheese! Aigh!

Anyway, accountability is good. 'Cause w/o it, I don't think I would have lasted the... past... 5 days!!! ;)

Wish me luck.


barty said...

Hello nice blog site! Added it to my bookmarks for future reference.

I have a Modern Ceiling Fan site/blog. It pretty much covers Modern Ceiling Fan related stuff.

Come check mine out if you get time.

nancy =) said...

hey snoop!! good luck on the road to a balanced life!! keep writing about it - that'll help!! brave of you to donate all that forbidden food - that was a great 1st step!! onward, woman!

Sith Snoopy said...

Thanks, Nancy! :)

They should call this blerapy: blog-therapy. :)

Yeah, I know: very cheesy.


Cheese.... must throw out the cheese or will eat the cheese.... sigh.

Oh, FYI, a few of my coworkers thanked me for lunch today! :)

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