Sunday, January 27, 2008

The good, and the really really bad and ugly

Well, the good news:

  • Getting easier to get Logan to sleep in his bassinett. Sometimes.
  • My nipples have toughened up so breast feeding no longer hurts.
  • Incision is mostly healed up... just a slight crack left. No longer has to be packed. I can drive, as I'm no longer on pain meds. And since it's no longer trying to heal too fast (outside first, then inside), as it was packed until it behaved, I'm also no longer on blood pressure medication.

Bad news:

  • Hubby and I have a sore-throat/cold.
  • My Mom can't baby sit as she realized her congestive heart failure was going to make it too hard on her. She can babysit for a couple of hours at a time, but that's it. No "all day" babysitting while I'm at work. Dad can't as he works... he's 84 and he works. :P They need the money.
  • Hubby's Mom can't babysit. Because she PASSED AWAY FRIDAY 1/18/2008. Put us all in shock.

She would have been 78 on 1/30/2008.

She was so good with Logan. And so sweet. She was a 2nd Mom to me. To everyone, really.

Hubby's in shock. Hubby's Dad is in shock.

Funeral was this past Friday, 1/25/2008. A bunch of family flew/drove in for it. Sister-in-law got in the Sunday after her Mom died, and was a big help both with Hubby's Dad and with Logan.

Hubby's Dad and Sister adore Logan. Hubby's Dad may try his hand a little at some babysitting, but we can't really hold him to what Hubby's Mom had agreed to. Especially after all the stress of losing Hubby's Mom.

However, Hubby's Dad does LOVE spending time with Logan. And he also ironically loves our dogs... and our dogs adore him.

Hubby's Sister threatened to steal Logan away this week. Had to watch Logan and Sister-in-Law CLOSELY. ;)

Logan steals the hearts of any adults who get to know him. :)

Thought my breast-milk antibodies were protecting Logan from getting sick, as even though Hubby and I had been sick for almost a week already, Logan was fine. But unfortunately, last night, 1/26/2008, Logan started sounding congested. :( Poor little guy...

So now all 3 of us are miserable.

Logan still smiles at us. I can't believe how happy he can be with us even when he's feeling like crap. He IS a little angel.

Not sure when I have to go back to work now. My HR thinks I only get 12 weeks from the date the baby is born. But my ObGyn's office is sure I get 8 (maybe 10 now) weeks of medical leave for the c-section. [8 is normal, but it may be 10 as I had complications.] And then another 6 weeks for bonding on top of that. So 16 weeks total. And my ObGyn thinks that my job is protected for 12 weeks from the END of my medical leave.

So, per my ObGyn, I get SDI money for the 8 to 10 weeks of medical leave, then another 6 weeks of money for bonding. But then I could stay out of work an extra 6 weeks w/o any income if I wanted to. But I don't think I'll take that option.

Confused? Sorry... it's confusing me too. ;)

Need to get my HR and my ObGyn's office to agree. Stressing me out.

If HR is right, I return to work end of February. If my ObGyn is right, I return end of March. Really hoping for end of March here, LOL! I hope to have everything figured out by then... taking care of Logan, and also who is babysitting him while I'm at work. That and I HATE leaving him. He's stolen my heart.

So... that's what's been happening...

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Thrash said...

Awesome about your good news', thats terrible about your step mother :(
A PCPowerplay is an Australian Gaming magazine which I haven't been reading for ages, but then saw it going really cheap on eBay so I snapped it up :)
The zombie thing was just something I posted to have something in the post apart from my PCPP magazine victory :)
Again, I am really sorry about your husband's mother :(