Saturday, June 10, 2006

They say it's your birthday...

Darth Snoopy, the WWI Flying Ace is hung over right now. :P Too many root bears.

The Dark Side of the Force is not helping me stop the throbbing pain. But it was worth it. ;)

Today was my 38th birthday.

I had to take my car down to the Saturn dealership, 40 minutes away. It's way out of warranty, but the local Chevrolet dealership didn't have the necessary software to diagnose the error my car was reporting. [The only symptom was one of those lovely "service engine" lights.]

Saturday the 10th was the earliest I could get my car in to the dealership. So, I decided I was spending my birthday in the town 40 minutes away.

Spent the day with friends at a PeeWee Golf place. We played 18 holes. Did the bumper cars, bumper boats, little race carts (with huge bumpers, but signs advising you to avoid crashing into the wall or other carts!), and lazer tag. Oh, and goofed off in a large arcade there. I felt like I was reliving being 14. :) (Only this time it was a good thing.) One of my friends brought her 9 year old daughter... it enhanced the experience, getting to see all our silly activities through their eyes. :)

Then we all went to Olive Garden, and after I verified that my car was still in the shop, and stuck there until sometime Monday, my husband and our friends proceeded to get my non-driving butt seriously drunk. ;)

We got home at nearly 6pm. I took a shower and crawled into bed. I didn't get up for 2 hours.

I'm sunburnt and hung over. And my head is throbbing... uh, was throbbing, I think the Advil finally hit it's target. ;)

But boy, that was fun. ;)


Kenya Starflight said...

Happy B-day, Snoopy!

Sorry about your headache/sunburn. Hopefully you get better soon.

Good night.

Radioactive Jam said...

Happy birthday! Now get back to work.
(just kidding of course)

Sith Snoopy said...

Thanks, guys!

My own fault. [Headache/sunburn] But thanks for wishing me better. ;)

Work-work, or fan-fic work? ;)

I try not to do work-work on the weekend.

Fan-fic work is another story. ;)