Saturday, May 13, 2006

Comic Relief

So, last weekend, my husband W and I planted 2 avocado trees, and 4 tomato plants. In order to get the ground to cooperate, my husband wet it down significantly. Then after the trees and plants were in place, they got another good drink.

Our German Shepherds, Boss and Ellie, wanted to be a part of everything. Everything! Needless to say, our shoes were muddy, our pants were muddy, our shirts were muddy, our hands were muddy. And our dogs were muddy.

We did our best not to bring our mud inside. W got on the phone with his Dad, talking about the feeding and caring of tomato plants and avocado trees.

I went to the garage and stripped. (A week later, my shoes are still sitting on top of the trash can, waiting to be washed.) I came back in, grabbed Ellie's choke chain, and headed for the sliding glass door. Called Ellie in. Boss tried to come in too, W wrangled him back outside to wait his turn.

Ellie knew the drill, and wasn't going to have any of it. W got to watch me lose my grip, and chase Ellie around the house, buck naked. He was trying not to laugh into the phone... he was still chatting with his Dad.

Ellie ran to the front door. I ran into the bedroom, thinking she might run in there for her crate, her favorite hiding place. She had other ideas. She ran in to the bedroom alright, but she then jumped up, in all her muddy glory, ONTO OUR BED, to cower.

W heard this unholy shriek come from me!

After some yelling and chain yanking, Ellie and I finally both ended up in the shower.

Ellie was terribly cooperative once in the shower. I felt horrible for having screamed and yelled at her.

Boss was next, then I took a shower, as did W. Let's face it: you wash your animals first, then you clean up from washing your animals. ;)


Radioactive Jam said...

As you might know and/or suspect, it's the same with children. Not the choke chain maybe, but everything else. :-)

Agent Rant said...

i am back