Friday, April 07, 2006

Do what now?

There's this one cartoon show that took me a while to warm up to, but once I did, I was gangbusters for it. It's called "Aqua Team Hunger Force". The characters include Master Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad.

In one episode, Frylock asks Meatwad to roll around in some broken glass, then go out into the ocean and poke a hole in this giant balloon animal that has sorta become alive, and is shocking/destroying stuff through it's huge static electric charge. In order to ensure that Meatwad is buoyant, Frylock removes Meatwad's brain. This sounds horrendous, but Meatwad has simply enveloped a toy, plastic brain that he's glued pieces of macaroni to, and has convinced himself that this brain is really his own brain. [Meatwad, btw, is a big wad of hamburger meat, if you hadn't figured it out already. Although, he also has two eyes, a single tooth, and a perpetual smile, unlike most wad's of hamburger meat. :) ]

After removing Meatwad's brain, I think Frylock throws Meatwad into the ocean to a location just a little bit away from the balloon monster.

Come to find out, this plastic brain apparently does somehow hold Meatwad's intelligence. In spite of Frylocks explaining the task several times, and Meatwad subsequently yelling back that he understands, about a few seconds after this interchange, Meatwad yells back "do what now?"

I had a very "Do what now?" moment today. And it's reminded me of several other days with very high quantities of "Do what now?"

Let's start chronologically.

(1) 11 years old, 6th grade Halloween. I wear a costume to school... a dragon mask I've made, a purple cape from some other costume, white top, white gloves, and white legitards. I think I was going as the dragon "Ruth" from Anne McAfrey's "The White Dragon", one of her Pern books.

My Mom was too tired to properly see me off before I went to school. It was only once I was in school that the other children made sure to inform me of my tragic mistake: I should have worn shorts over the legitards. The little flowers in my panties were visible!

That evening, the situation was rectified. But my ego would never be the same! :)

Skipping forward MANY years... not because there weren't other mindblowingly stupid incidents, but more that I seem to have blocked out everything else from my childhood. I wonder why....

(2) 28 or so years old At my Boyfriend's Sister's wedding. Someone asked me to help out by filming the ceremony while he/she took pictures and/or was in the ceremony themselves. I couldn't get the whole scene into frame nicely. I actually rotated the video camera 90 degrees, the way you would a regular camera, for several minutes during the ceremony... until my Boyfriend's urgent (and recorded) whispers broke through the fog that is my brain!

Sometime later that year, we're all (recently married Sister included) sitting at my Boyfriend's parents house, watching the wedding video... and leaning our heads to the left in order to watch the tilted part! [Have yet to live THAT one down...]

(3) 37 years old Between 15 and 16 hours ago. My Husband's Aunt's Husband's funeral. :( I hug my Aunt-in-law, crying in spite of my attempt to remain strong. The funeral hasn't started yet. I walk back to find my Husband a few pews back, then realize I'd totally spaced on hugging my Husband's Mom. I turn around, walk back, and in the course of navigating back to my Mother-in-law, I manage to swing a leg under one of the tripod's legs... the tripod that is holding a poster picture of my recently deceased Uncle-in-Law!

One of his Son's picked up the poster-picture while I reset the tripod and apologized profusely and with great embarrassment.

Made my way over to my Mother-in-Law, who was gently teasing me about it by saying stuff I was within earshot to hear. :) I hug her and say "I'm just the plucky, comic relief". :)

At least I'm learning better come-back lines when I do stuff like that!

FYI, in spite of what a goofball I can be, the boyfriend during the second to last incident is now my husband. Yes, he's still speaking to me in spite of the most recent incident. ;)

Really. I swear... my roots are NOT blond!

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Radioactive Jam said...

These are great! Makes my morning. For the rotated video, did you (or someone) suggest turning the TV on its side?